Online calculator for a correct vitamin D dosage

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What does the online calculator on this site offer?

  • You get the correct dosage for ingesting different vitamin D preparations.
  • The display shows the initial loading dosage, the maintenance dosage and, if required, the length of a pause in the intake.
  • The online calculator is being controlled constantly by Dr. von Helden.
  • The real-world suitability of the calculation has been confirmed for years by physicians and patients since 2006.

What is the target for my vitamin D level?

An increase in body weight also increases your vitamin D requirement.
The information about the weight is required to calculate individual dose of vitamin D.
By using the "lbs /kg" button you can switch between lbs and kg. 

Specify your currently determined vitamin D level: ng/ml.

Specify your desired vitamin D level: ng/ml.

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