What does a "vitamin D account" offer?

The vitamin D account offers the immediate use of four computer programs:
  1. Calculation of your vitamin D symptoms once a day.  ✔︎ 
  2. Calculation of your vitamin D level once a day.  ✔︎ 
  3. Calculation of a vitamin D dosage as often as you want.  ✔︎ 
  4. Online-Graph of all your vitamin D values.  ✔︎ 


Why should you open an online vitamin D account now?

The symptom graph lets you recognize your fitness...  ✔︎ 
The vitamin D graph lets you monitor your vitamin D level.    ✔︎ 
The vitamin D calculator uses the formula collection which has been tested more than 10,000 times.  ✔︎ 
Dr. med. Raimund von Helden
Medical specialist, general medicine
Project leader VitaminDelta
Author of the professional book: "Gesund in sieben Tagen - Erfolge mit der Vitamin-D-Therapie" ("Healthy in seven days - success with the vitamin D therapy").